2018 GDHCC Standing Committees


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers of the Board – Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee shall exercise all the authority of the Board of Directors and the management of the GDHCC between meetings of the Board.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee acts as the oversight for the development of a plan to ensure the continued elected or appointed leadership is in place, as well as written guidelines by which the GDHCC will conduct business.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall consist of the Treasurer, at least two (2) other directors appointed by the Board and, as an ex oficio member, the CEO. The Finance Committee shall review financial reports and records and make recommendations to the full Board as necessary.

2018 GDHCC Other Committees and Subcommittees


Economic Development Committee

The Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce serves as a catalyst for business development and strives to offer its members the tools and resources they need to succeed, expand and grow. The Economic Development Committee’s purpose is to work with GDHCC program staff to create opportunities for business growth, development and recruitment.

  • Public Policy Work Group

    The PPWG is a subcommittee of the Economic Development Committee. The GDHCC has a long history of advocating for its members at the local, state and national level to create business opportunities and support initiatives which help foster a vibrant economic climate in the North Texas region. The PPWG is charged with:

        • Biennially developing the GDHCC’s Legislative Agenda and recommending it to the Board for approval. Once approved, GDHCC administration is able to quickly respond to calls from legislators, members, and others to support certain legislation or initiatives as long as those fall within the Legislative Agenda. If an issue is not addressed in the Legislative Agenda, the PPWG deliberates to decide whether the issue should be recommended to the Board for approval/advocacy.
        • Informing elected officials at the local, state and national levels of the GDHCC’s legislative priorities.
        • Advocating for its members using the GDHCC’s Legislative Agenda as the basis for its advocacy or other initiatives not in the Legislative Agenda that have been recommended by the PPWG to the Board and have been approved by the Board.


  • Corporate Advisory Council
The Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) is comprised of one representative from each Corporate Partner in good standing. The CAC is charged with:
  • Aiding in the recruitment of new Corporate Partners
  • Aiding in the orientation of new Corporate Partners to ensure new partners understand their role and the various programs of the GDHCC
  • Advising on economic development programs/initiatives that better prepare Hispanic-owned businesses to successfully compete for procurement opportunities in corporate America
  • Advising on matters pertaining to the upward mobility of Hispanics in corporate North Texas
  • Advising on matters related to the long-term financial strength and vitality of the GDHCC


Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for developing and implementing a strategic plan to obtain income for the GDHCC to augment membership dues. Without additional funds, the GDHCC cannot operate successfully or effectively.

  • La Cima Latina Leadership Awards
The La Cima Latina Leadership Awards are designed to recognize accomplished Latina members of the GDHCC and other Latinas in the community in several award categories. The La Cima Leadership Awards and Luncheon are planned and implemented by the La Cima Subcommittee. The La Cima subcommittee is charged with:
      • Soliciting sponsorships and promoting ticket sales for the event, following the GDHCC’s established sponsorship levels.
      • Soliciting nominations for the La Cima Latina Leadership Awards.
  • Stars on the Rise Scholarships
The Stars on the Rise Scholarship Program is a signature program of the GDHCC. The GDHCC believes strongly in preparing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs and demonstrates that belief by investing in our young people by providing scholarships. The scholarship program was initiated in 1983 and has awarded millions of dollars in scholarships to thousands of students.  The Stars on the Rise Scholarship subcommittee is charged with:
  • Soliciting scholarship funds from members and other donors.
  • Soliciting sponsorships and ticket sales for the Stars on the Rise Scholarship Reception & Awards Ceremony, following the GDHCC’s established sponsorship levels.
  • Working with staff and event planner in soliciting volunteers for Stars on the Rise initiatives.


  • Quality & Excellence Entrepreneur Awards
The Q&E Entrepreneur Awards Gala is a signature event of the GDHCC.  It is also North Texas’ premier event that recognizes Hispanic-owned small businesses and M/WBEs in North Texas. The Q&E Awards subcommittee is charged with:
  • Soliciting  sponsorships and promoting ticket sales for the event, following the GDHCC’s established sponsorship levels.
  • Soliciting nominations for the Q&E Entrepreneur Awards.








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